Voices of the Cliff LogoVoicesoftheCliff.com is a project started by Douglas Scherer to capture the stories and practice of individuals who traverse, facilitate, and are touched by the journeys of leaders. The interviews are hosted by Dr. Scherer and are presented as podcasts along with accompanying notes and stories. The interviews span a range of topics from corporate and organizational leadership, to community leadership and life coaching.

The Cliff in the program title is a metaphor for times when we’re faced with challenges that seem utterly new, ambiguous or daunting. These moments change us as individuals and leaders. The cliff metaphor is seen in various works from John Dewey’s Experience and Education (1938) to Clutterbuck and Megginson’s Mentoring Executives & Directors (1999).

The subtitle – Learning from Leadership Vision, Action, & Meaning speaks to the focus on authentic, significant, and purposeful leadership which binds how we see and understand the world with the actions we take and the way we affect others.


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