• Daniela Papi: Changing the Way We Give2011-10-14 21:55:27This month, Douglas Scherer is joined by Daniela Papi, cofounder of PEPY an international NGO working to provide and promote quality education in rural Cambodia. Daniela’s experiences over the last 6 years as Executive Director of PEPY provide energetic and earnest guidance on overcoming the challenges of starting an educational development organization, quickly moving through setbacks, and leading with passion.
  • Tom Chapin: Talk about Things that Matter2011-07-23 18:32:50Douglas Scherer interviews three time Grammy winner Tom Chapin on his journey as musician and community leader - a personal account that offers a powerful and inspiring insight into authentic leadership and an empowering perspective on life decisions. An hour long - extended - version of this interview is available with the show notes at
  • Dr. Julia Sloan: Learning to Think Strategically2011-06-10 11:11:08Strategy is at the core of sustainability, which evolves from creativity and innovation. But is it possible to learn such a deeply creative process? In this edition of Voices of the Cliff Douglas Scherer discusses that question with Dr. Julia Sloan – who answers it with a resounding, “yes” and shares how she achieves it with individual leaders and groups.
  • Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman: Leadership, Service, and Intention2011-05-12 22:00:40Douglas Scherer explores the connections between leadership, service, and intention with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman in part two of this two part edition of Voices of the Cliff.
  • Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman: Inside / Out Learning for Groups2011-05-12 22:00:07In part one of this two part edition of Voices of the Cliff -- Douglas Scherer explores group-oriented transformative learning with Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman.
  • Dr. Robert Scherer: Business Students and the Environment2011-04-07 08:14:31 Dr. Robert Scherer discusses the impact culture has on the way business students view the earth's environment, and how those findings align with economic and corporate sustainability.
  • Carmela Bennett: Somatic Learning2010-10-28 15:59:20 Douglas Scherer explores the connections between somatic learning and leadership development with guest Carmela Bennett.

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